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Policy and Guidelines for Meeting Room Use


The library's facilities are open to organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities. The primary purpose of the Milwaukee Public Library's meeting rooms is to allow the library to hold meetings, programs, and other events which expand access to information and help the library fulfill its mission. In this regard, priority for use of the room is given to the library and to groups affiliated with the library.

Mission: The Milwaukee Public Library provides materials, services, and facilities for all citizens of Milwaukee and others in order to meet present and future informational needs and raise the level of civilization in Milwaukee.

Vision: The Milwaukee Public Library is every person's gateway to an expanding world of information. Providing the best in library service, we guide Milwaukeeans in their pursuit of knowledge, enjoyment, and lifelong learning, ultimately enriching individual lives and our community as a whole.

Permission to use a library meeting room does not imply library endorsement of the views, aims, policies or activities of any group or organization.

Use of the meeting rooms cannot be disruptive of the programs and activities of the library, nor can it create a public safety hazard. The Library Code of Conduct must be observed at all times.

List of Libraries

1960 W. Atkinson Ave., 53209
Capacity: 50 Persons

Martin Luther King
310 W. Locust St., 53212
Capacity: 55 Persons
Bay View
2566 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., 53207
Capacity: 70 Persons
Mill Road
6431 N. 76th St., 53223
Capacity: 80 Persons
3969 N. 74th St., 53216
Capacity: 50 Persons
3912 S. Howell Ave., 53207
Capacity: 60 Persons
Center Street
2727 W. Fond du Lac Ave., 53210
Capacity: 80 Persons

Villard Square
5190 N. 35th St., 53209
Capacity: 85 Persons
Conference Room 1: 4 persons
Conference Room 2: 8 persons

1910 E. North Ave., 53202
Capacity: 78 Persons

East Library will host library and community meetings throughout April 2013. Starting May 1, a meeting room will not be available until the new library opens in November 2014. 

Washington Park
2121 N. Sherman Blvd., 53208
Capacity: 88 Persons
Forest Home
1432 W. Forest Home, 53204
Capacity: 50 Persons
3501 W. Oklahoma, 53215
Capacity: 66 Persons

Central Library
814 W. Wisconsin Avenue, 53233
- First Floor Meeting Room - Capacity: 63 Persons

Code of Conduct

The Board of Trustees of the Milwaukee Public Library has the right to establish and enforce regulations that will allow the Library to provide services, maintain the collection, and ensure an atmosphere within its facilities to the benefit of the greatest number of users. Upon request, patrons will be required to show their library cards or other identification to library staff or security guards, and may be asked to sign in.  Anyone who disregards these regulations is subject to removal from the library and/or restriction of library privileges.

Specific inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to: eating, drinking or smoking; sleeping or socializing; loitering or interfering with free passage; behaving in a disorderly, boisterous or loud manner; panhandling or soliciting; using cell phones in non-designated areas; using audio or personal equipment that disturbs others or interferes with library service; being under the influence of drugs or alcohol; damaging, defacing, destroying, or stealing library property; violating computer use policies; using library restroom facilities for inappropriate purposes such as loitering, bathing, etc.; skateboarding, rollerblading, etc.; harassing or threatening another person; poor hygiene that is offensive to other persons; bringing in excessive items that cannot be stowed under a standard study chair; and bringing in animals except as required by persons with disabilities.
- Complete Code of Conduct with Appeals Process

General Regulations

Meetings must be open to the public. Anyone requesting admittance to the meeting must be allowed to attend free of charge.

All groups must comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Groups using the meeting rooms must agree to meet ADA requirements and to provide requested accommodations for meetings or programs. The agreement to provide accommodations is to be included in the publicity or notices for each meeting or program. See "Publicity and Notice of Meeting(s)" below for language.

For-profit organizations are not eligible to schedule activities in meeting rooms for the primary purpose of making a profit from the event being sponsored. For-profit organizations may utilize meeting rooms for educational or charitable purposes.

Meeting Rooms may not be used for:
Commercial Activities
Monetary solicitation, except for library or city-sponsored fundraising.
Programs involving the sale, advertising or promotion of products or services or programs, including compilation of mailing lists for future solicitation.

Personal or Family Activities.

Noncompliance with meeting room policies will result in loss of meeting room privileges.

A representative of the library may attend any meeting held in library facilities.


Priority for use of the room is given to the library and to groups affiliated with the library.

Preference will be given to City of Milwaukee residents.

Meeting rooms are available during library open hours. Neighborhood library meeting rooms are not available on Sundays. The applicant should check dates, days, and times to ensure that the meeting is scheduled during library open hours.

Meeting rooms may be reserved for a maximum of four (4) hours per use.

Meeting rooms may be used a maximum of six (6) times per year.

Meeting rooms are scheduled subject to the availability of staff.

Publicity and Notice of Meetings

Notices of meetings, flyers, news releases or any other promotional materials describing an event must include:

  • The library name and address as it appears on the List of Libraries.
  • The following disclaimer statement:

    Permission to use a library meeting room does not imply library endorsement of the aims, views, policies, or activities of any group or organization.

  • Notice of agreement to provide accommodations according to the ADA, using the following language:

    Upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities. For more information or to request accommodations, contact us at (your telephone, address, e-mail and/or other contact information.)

  • A copy of notices of meetings or promotional materials should be sent to the address of the library where the meeting will be held. The mailing envelope should be addressed as follows: "Attention: Meeting Rooms."

  • All meetings will be publicly noticed throughout the Milwaukee Public Library System via the library's meeting room schedule. The contact person's name and telephone will be listed on the schedule, and will be given to anyone who would like more information about the meeting. The contact telephone number cannot be a long-distance number.

Use of Facilities

When arriving for the meeting, the applicant should go to any public service desk and ask for the Librarian-in-Charge (LIC). The LIC should also be contacted if special arrangements are needed during a meeting, or an emergency arises.

The capacity of the meeting room may not be exceeded.

Tables and chairs are available for use by groups using the meeting rooms. Depending upon availability of staff, the user group may be responsible for setting up and taking down furniture used in the meeting room.

Audiovisual equipment is not available for public use in Central Library's meeting rooms. Audiovisual equipment is available for public use at all neighborhood library locations.

Material may NOT be mounted on the walls of the meeting rooms.

Light refreshments may be served by the group. Members of the group are responsible for bringing all serving equipment, supplies, etc. The group is further responsible for all food setup and cleanup. Catered dinners are not allowed.

No advance deliveries can be accepted for meetings. Materials may not be stored at the library before or after a meeting.

Library telephones are for staff use only.

At Villard Square Library the large meeting space may be reserved for groups of nine (9) or more. Smaller groups and individuals will need to use one of the two conference rooms. 

1.      Because the area may be in use by the public for browsing/reading/laptop use, staff will not set up for evening meetings.  The meeting participants will be responsible for setting up tables and chairs.

2.      For meetings with a planned attendance of 20 or more, MPL may set up tables and chairs and close divider before the library opens for the day. 

3.      Upon arrival of the first meeting attendee the Librarian in Charge will be responsible for asking other patrons to leave the meeting room area and closing the meeting room divider.

4.      The meeting room may be set up, and divider drawn, before the library opens for MPL sponsored activities (such as Summer Reading Programs).

Responsibility for Cleaning and Damage

Following the meeting, the group must leave the meeting room in the original condition and setup arrangement.

The user, specifically the person that signs the application, will be responsible for all loss/damage to the building, furniture and/or equipment. If custodial assistance is required to clean the facility after the meeting, the group will be billed a minimum of $50 plus the actual cost of any damages, and future meeting room use may be denied.

The library will not be responsible for any equipment or items left in the meeting rooms.


Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

No admission fee(s) may be charged for admittance to meetings held in library meeting rooms.

No unlawful activity is permitted in the meeting room or on library premises.

Application and Cancellation

Click here for APPLICATION

Applications from non-library groups are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Application and other required material must be returned by fax (414.286.2798), mail, or in person at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date. Application can be made up to one year in advance of the needed day(s). Reservations are not considered confirmed until a written application has been approved. Phone inquiries do not hold a date.

Application must be made by an adult individual (18 years of age or older) who is a responsible member of the group. For meetings with more than 25 minors, at least one adult must be present for every 25 minors. Adults must remain with their group during the entire time of the library visit.

Any application may be rejected and previously granted approval withdrawn for violation of these rules at the discretion of library administration.

Applications that do not clearly fit within the usage policy will be referred to the Library Director or designee. Any departure from the policy may be made only with written authorization of the Library Director or designee.

The library must be notified as far in advance as possible of cancellations (phone numbers listed with library names) so that staff is able to inform the public of these cancellations; and if applicable, the rescheduling of the meeting.

Repeated cancellations or failure to keep appointments for meetings can be cause for denial of future meeting room requests.

On rare occasions, the library may have to cancel a group's use of a meeting room due to unforeseen circumstances.

Permission to use a meeting room is revocable and does not constitute a lease.

The library may impose reasonable conditions for the use of its meeting rooms to ensure that public or private property is not damaged through use of its facilities, and to ensure that the comfort, convenience, safety or welfare of the public is not disturbed.

Meeting Room Setup Options

  • Please be sure to list the correct setup number on your application.
  • Also indicate the number of people that will be attending your meeting.
  • If serving food and/or beverages, your setup will include a separate table provided for that purpose

Setup #1, Theater Style:

Setup #2, Audience Style:

1 Head Table
Theater seating for 20-40 people

No head table
Audience style seating for 70 people

Setup #3, General Meeting Style:

Setup #4, Classroom Style:

4 Tables set up in a square
Seating for 10-16 people

1 Head Table
6 tables set up in classroom style for 36 people

Setup #5, General Meeting, with Audience Style:

Setup #6, Children's Meeting:

Large Head Table to accommodate
13 people
20 chairs set up in audience style

No Head Table - leave open floor space front 1/3 of room. Audience style behind open space for adult seating.

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