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Lion image copyright 2005 by  Lois EhlertTV Viewing Tips for Families
Is television bad for children?
Many professionals believe this to be true. According to research they have found that children who watch television have a higher risk of developing poor social skills and can become less-than-average students. This may in fact be true, but what research does not show is exactly how much television a child has to watch before they are placed in this category.

Here are three simple ways to make TV watching fun and educational:

  • Be choosy about what shows the child will be watching.
    Take the time to review each film to make sure that it is appropriate for the child’s age and stage of development. Also make sure to turn off the television once the show has ended.
  • Watch TV with the Child.
    Children often have questions about what they see on television. It is important for adults to watch with them to answer those questions and to clear up any confusion the child might have. It is also a good idea to ask the child questions about the characters or plot once the show is over.
  • Limit the amount of time.
    Make sure to set up specific times during the day to watch television and try to stick to it. Darlyne Haertlein, the Outreach/Viewers Serviced Supervisor for Milwaukee Public Television says, “Television is something for us to use wisely, and in moderation, not as a babysitter for children, but as a tool to teach them.”

TV is not all bad, especially when it’s educational and enhances a child’s development. Your public library can provide you with various tools such as “Books on Video. "

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