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Giraffe  image copyright 2005 by  Lois EhlertRecommended Reading for Teachers

A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books by Carolyn W. & John A. Lima.
A source for finding books on a particular topic for preschoolers through grade two.

Best Books for Children Preschool Through Grade 6 by John T. Gillespie.
Over 20,000 titles recommended for both curriculum support and recreational reading.

Across Cultures: A Guide to Multicultural Literature for Children by Rebecca L. Thomas.
This guide for teachers and librarians provides information on 1,637 multicultural titles for Preschoolers through 6th grade.

Cooking Up U.S. History: Recipes and Research to Share With Children by Suzanne I. Barchers & Patricia C. Marden.
Recipes and information from the most important periods of American history, including the Colonial period, Revolutionary War, and the Civil War.

Creative Resources for Bulletin Boards in the Early Childhood Classroom by Judy Herr and Yvonne Libby.
Bulletin board patterns for all occasions.

Kindergarten Teacher's Month-by-Month Activities Program by Elizabeth Crosby Stull and Carol Lewis Price.
Over 400 monthly activities to help plan an effective kindergarten program. Each month features recommended books, skills activities for reading, math and others, and reproducible activity pages.

More Science Through Children's Literature: An Integrated Approach by Carol M. Butzow and John W. Butzow.
Uses children's literature to explain the fundamentals of science. Each unit summarizes a children's story to help children understand the concepts, and includes activities that relate to both the story and the concepts being taught.

Moving and Learning Across the Curriculum: 315 Activities and Games to Make Learning Fun by Rae Pica.
Since young children learn best by doing, this book offers physical activities to encourage learning in the areas of art, language, mathematics, music, science and social studies.

On Wisconsin Compiled by Cooperative Children's Book Center.
Books about the Badger state for children and young adults.

1001 Teaching Props Compiled by The Totline Staff.
Suggestions for making art and holiday props, learning games, puppets and other props to make teaching come alive.

The Peaceful Classroom: 162 Easy Activities to Teach Preschoolers Compassion and Cooperation by Charles A. Smith, PhD.
A potpourri of early childhood activities that teach children to be "peaceful."

The Poetry Break: An Annotated Anthology With Ideas for Introducing Children to Poetry by Caroline Feller Bauer.
A collection of over 240 poems to use with children. Acting, writing, art and music activities are included to enhance a child's pleasure and creativity.

Recreating the Past: A Guide to American and World Historical Fiction for Children and Young Adults by Lynda G. Adamson.
Annotated bibliography of historical fiction for grades 1-10.

Starting Out Right: A Guide to Promoting Children's Reading Success by the National Research Council.
Includes information for parents and teachers on how to make children good readers and prevent reading difficulties. Birth through grade 3.

Story S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-r-s for the Primary Grades: Activities to Expand Children's Favorite Books by Shirley C. Raines and Robert J. Canady.
A literature-inspired approach to planning 18 units commonly found in grade K-3 curriculums. After reading the book, there are art, writing, cooking, math, and other interesting activities to enhance the book and topic.

Theme-a-Saurus: The Great Big Book of Mini Teaching Ideas by Jean Warren.
Art, language and movement activities for preschoolers are alphabetically arranged by themes.

The Values Book: Teaching 16 Basic Values to Young Children by Pam Schiller and Tamera Bryant.
Each chapter addresses a specific value--cooperation, respect, independence, etc.--citing children's books, activities and discussion topics to introduce values to preschool and kindergarten children.

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