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City of Milwaukee Address Inquiry
City of Milwaukee address inquiry database. Provides access to city records detailing a given property's ownership, tax assessment, permits, code violations, etc.
Map Milwaukee
Map Milwaukee is an interactive mapping site that allows one to display maps of the City of Milwaukee showing specific criteria such as school districts, police stations, property violations and many others . It also has property data. It is especially useful for finding property data on a parcel of land when the location is known, but not the specific street address.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Historic Archives
For an understanding of history as it was made, nothing can take the place of a daily newspaper. , The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has now made available this searchable archive to The Milwaukee Journal, The Milwaukee Sentinel and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which covers the time period of 1884-2007. Articles cannot be printed or downloaded, but links may be e-mailed. To search Milwaukee newspapers prior to 1884, use 19th Century U.S. Newspapers. For archival papers after 2007, try The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (via NewsBank).
Milwaukee Voting Locations and Representatives
City of Milwaukee residents can enter their address to find out where to vote (polling location) and a list of their current City, County, State, and Federal elected representatives.
Wisconsin Land Ownership Map and Plat Book Index
The Milwaukee Public Library has an extensive collection of plat books and maps showing property ownership for the entire state of Wisconsin. These land ownership books and maps range from 1858 until the present. The index lists the Wisconsin land ownership map and plat book holdings that are part of the library's collection.

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