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Archives Unbound - County and Regional Histories & Atlases: Wisco  MPL Special Link
From Cengage/Gale, comes Archives Unbound - County and Regional Histories & Atlases: Wisconsin which provides vivid illustrations of people, places, and events, putting the state's local history into context with the examination of geographic, demographic, social, and cultural transformations. Included in this collection on Wisconsin are 12 cities, regions, and counties in 158 titles. The original source material spans the years 1857-1909.
Library subscription. Available for use within City of Milwaukee libraries and by remote access to City of Milwaukee library cardholders.
Biography & Genealogy Master Index  MPL Special Link
Biography and Genealogy Master Index is a comprehensive index (not full-text articles) to over 17 million biographical sketches on nearly 5 million people in more than 2,000 volumes and editions of current and retrospective reference books, covering both contemporary and historical figures, living or dead, throughout the world.
Library subscription. Available for use within City of Milwaukee libraries and by remote access to City of Milwaukee library cardholders.
Children in Urban America Project
This is a collection of documents and photographs about the history of children in Milwaukee from the 1850s to the present. It offers an archive of more than 5400 newspaper articles, public documents, oral histories, letters and other sources, focusing on growing up in Milwaukee over the last 150 years.
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors
This is the National Park Service computerized database of Civil War Soldiers & Sailors. There is a complete searchable index of U.S. Colored Troops and more than six million soldiers.
Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970  MPL Special Link
The Sanborn Map Company was the primary publisher of American fire insurance maps for nearly 100 years. Fire insurance maps, which detailed buildings and their construction materials over a period of time, were used to assess potential risk from fire and other hazards, but today are a tremendous source of historical and genealogical data. More than 250 Wisconsin communities are represented in this product from ProQuest. The Help file and Frequently Asked Questions pages can help you get started if you are unfamiliar with using the maps. Maps may be printed. For more on Sanborn maps, the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee also has a digital Sanborn collection.
Library subscription. Available for use within City of Milwaukee libraries and by remote access to City of Milwaukee library cardholders.
European Views of the Americas: 1493 -1750  MPL Special Link
Containing more than 32,000 entries, this EBSCO database is a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750. It covers the history of European exploration as well as portrayals of native American peoples. A wide range of subject areas are covered; from natural disasters to disease outbreaks and slavery. The original bibliography was developed at The John Carter Brown Library, which was founded in 1846 as a leading repository of rare books and materials and serves today as a center for advanced research in history and the humanities, affiliated with Brown University. Provided as part of Wisconsin's BadgerLink program.
Library subscription. Available for use within City of Milwaukee libraries and by remote access to City of Milwaukee library cardholders.
Great Lakes Marine Collection
This database contains information on over 10,000 Great Lakes vessels from 1815 to the present: some that are diesel-powered, some rigged with sails, and some barges; cargo vessels, passenger boats, military and even pleasure craft. It also includes the names of owners, captains and builders of the vessels. The database was created by the Library and the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society with the Shipshape grant.
History Reference Center  MPL Special Link
History Reference Center from EBSCO is a full text history database designed for secondary schools, public libraries, junior/community colleges, and undergraduate research. It features content from more than 1,620 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books. Provided as part of Wisconsin's BadgerLink program.
Library subscription. Available for use within City of Milwaukee libraries and by remote access to City of Milwaukee library cardholders.
Milwaukee History Clippings Index
This subject listing of people, places, events, etc. represents newspaper articles clipped from Milwaukee area newspapers published mainly in the middle to late 20th century.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Historic Archives
For an understanding of history as it was made, nothing can take the place of a daily newspaper. , The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has now made available this searchable archive to The Milwaukee Journal, The Milwaukee Sentinel and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which covers the time period of 1884-2007. Articles cannot be printed or downloaded, but links may be e-mailed. To search Milwaukee newspapers prior to 1884, use 19th Century U.S. Newspapers. For archival papers after 2007, try The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (via NewsBank).
Milwaukee Neighborhoods
The UWM Libraries have developed an extensive online digital collection titled "Milwaukee Neighborhoods: Photos and Maps 1885-1992." The collection presents 638 images of Milwaukee's neighborhoods from the Far Northwest Side to the Far South Side, providing a visual documentation of the development of the city.
Milwaukee Road Historical Association
Membership society in which hobbyists, historians, model railroaders, and others join in preserving and reliving the history of the famed Milwaukee Road. The society has many special membership benefits including the opportunity to assist the Milwaukee Public Library in cataloging the Milwaukee Road Archives.
Recollection Wisconsin
This collaborative project aims to bring together the digital collections of various Wisconsin cultural institutions. Wisconsin-themed materials from the University of Wisconsin System, Wisconsin Historical Society and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee are some of the items included here.
Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers
The Wisconsin Historical Society has reproduced here a set of volumes which list all the soldiers known to have participated in Wisconsin's Civil War regiments. Known as the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865, these two volumes were compiled in 1886 from original archival records, and their alphabetical index was published in 1914.
Trostel Collection of German Theater Scripts
This collection of more than 1500 plays in German dates from 1865 to 1936 and was used by the German Theater stock company in Milwaukee. Named in honor of Albert O. Trostel, they were donated to the Milwaukee Public Library by his widow, Clara Uihlein Trostel.
Wisconsin Black Historical Society / Museum
The museum's mission is to document and preserve the historical heritage of African descent in Wisconsin and to promote community and cultural activities that depicts the African American heritage.
Wisconsin Historical Society
The Wisconsin Historical Society preserves historical materials in many forms documenting a wide array of subjects concentrating on collecting and disseminating knowledge of Wisconsin and of the trans-Allegheny West. It serves as the archives of the State of Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Public Land Survey Records
The Public Land survey of Wisconsin was conducted between 1833-1866 to divide the land into lots for sale. Surveyors recorded notes and these field notes are now available online. The notes may describe landscape or vegetation, surface of land, quality of soil, etc. The notes may be difficult to read as there has been some deterioration of the paper along with fading ink. Plat maps are being added.
World War I Military Portrait Index
The Milwaukee Public Library's special collections include 3,192 photographs of World War I military personnel from Milwaukee County. The names of individuals in the photograph collection are listed on this site. Use the alphabetical search key to look for an individual name.

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